Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Don't Let This Opportunity Pass By

Thanks to all those friends and supporters who have been getting behind the documentary film project about our club's founder and the club itself.

We are now into the last few days of the crowd funding campaign with Pozible to raise $50,000 to see the film made. The way Pozible works is that, if we don't reach our target, the pledges are not processed and the film doesn't get made.

This continues to be a wonderful opportunity to tell the remarkable story of our founder John Smith and the club. It's a story that has had far reaching effects around the world far beyond influence within the bike scene. The endorsements and testimonials received in recent days emphasise that impact - you can see many of them here including one from Bono.

But I guess, many reading this won't need convincing from anyone else that this is a film worth making, it's part of your own story, so we'd just like to encourage you to back this project. It will be a big disappointment to have to cancel this film because we left it too late or up to others.

During these current days, Smithy completes being on the road in Europe, despite struggling with his health, nurturing and encouraging others to change the world, plant radical churches, take the words of Christ seriously, be advocates for the poor and voices for justice. Our friend Ash Barker said in his video clip he wouldn't be living in a Bangkok slum if it wasn't for John Smith's impact. Missional church guru's Michael Frost and Alan Hirsch speak of the impact that has shaped their thinking. Within our own ranks within God's Squad we have a ragged collection of stories of grace  that have been profoundly influenced by the constant call from Smithy, to return to the stories of Jesus of Nazareth. Don't let this opportunity pass by to encourage and challenge another generation.

Thanks for your interest and please continue to spread the word about 'Smithy - Something In Every Hue' in the coming days as the campaign draws to a conclusion.

Remember - the way Pozible works is that, if we don't reach our target, pledges aren't processed and the film doesn't get made.

Go To www.pozible.com/smithy to add your support

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