Saturday, June 27, 2009

On The Road - Ukraine Part 1

It was great to get a few days on the road with the Ukrainian brothers, (17-21 June). Having met up at Bogdan and Anya's place in Kiev, (where they give shelter and care to a dozen teenagers as well as their own two children), we headed 500km south to Odessa to one of Ukraine's larger biking events.
Many still ride the old Russian built bikes, although even in the last few years Jap machines are becoming more evident but it's still very much an emerging culture. The bikes may be a little different, but the cause and the mission remain the same as was evident with generous and warm hospitality shown to all in their company. Cheers guys. . . . I'll post some more stuff in a few days including a link to guy riding around the world on a 1962 Rigid Panhead . . . . .

Pasha, Sergey, Vanya, Misha, Vova, Bogdan, Oleksey, Anya, Max & Roman

Roman on Bogdan's Bike


Bogdan - on Roman's Bike



Oleksey & Anya on Sergey's Bike

Max - Ukraine, Prospect

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Nugget said...

Keep up the great work guys. God will use you. L&R