Wednesday, July 1, 2009

On The Road - Ukraine Part 2


One of the great things about being on the road is you meet new people and you get to know existing mates so much better.

God's Squad has a tradition of having members and those closely associated with the club involved in work among many on the margins of society - in Australia, much of this is formalized and encompassed by an organization called Concern Australia. Through this long established movement, programmes have been working with street kids, persistent young offenders, in schools, jails and been a consistent voice for the poor and oppressed.

(Bogdan far left & his wife Anya, far right)

Whilst in Ukraine it's comforting to be among those within our God's Squad community and experience that same care for the marginalized; different country and language but the same motives. Bogdan and Anya have two small children and are based in Kiev. They share their home with between 12 and 17 teenagers who come to live with them and be part of their family when their time at orphanages expires at age 16. Whilst in Bogdan and Anya's family they get help with running a home, getting into college and finding work. Many too work through very complex and traumatic issues from their early years. It's a truly special place - the peace and love of God is evident and very real in this busy family home. This time it was great to return and see how some them have progressed and grown in confidence and faith.

AROUND THE WORLD ON A PANHEAD . . . yup you read it right.

Whilst in Odessa we bumped into Doug. Doug is from Alabama and rides a '62 rigid panhead and he's taking it around the world. It's his second circumnavigation - the first time was on an Indian, (it's far too easy on a BMW apparently.) Anyway, we had a great time in his company sharing stories and he went on up to Bogdan and Anya's to share their offer of hospitality before travelling on to Moscow. If you're interested you can check out his travelsHERE and his reflection on that part of his journey in the forum.

Alabama Doug

(Top group photo courtesy of Doug's travel blog)

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