Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Australian National Run Poem

It’s the weekend when all the chapters gather from all around this great nation
To renew, rejoice, recognise the stories and share in celebration.
This year’s theme was “On The Road”
A challenge to take Jesus to those who struggle with life’s load.
Friday night, John introduced this theme
He showed us Jesus the road walker, who had His father’s vision, His dream;
To take God’s love and God’s word to the people of His time
And for each individual in Squad now to absorb it, to proclaim “All glory is Thine”
Saturday morn the message continued to stir within, about compassion, love and forgiveness;
Patches of faithful service, and tags of the journey begun were given - we were privileged to witness.
And on Saturday night, wow! praise God, what a session to share
How our Squad brothers in the biker scene witness and care
To our biker brothers who often stand alone and in mayhem
These men seek peace, seek God, and our Squad brothers, supporting, stand beside them.
The shared stories call each of us deeply
To stronger faith, constant prayer, and actions of love so humbly.
Sunday morn we had notice of an item lost and not yet found,
Symbolic in ways to those ministered to whose troubles abound.
But the real message in the service was about Paul, a man with a big heart
Whose love of God and faithful service set him apart.
Paul stood tall in the Lord, spoke firm words and helped the Church, the people, to grow
And sparked in each of them the flame of the Lord’s love to glow.
And this weekend was different to any other
As we were united in prayer and thought for Wes, our Squad brother
Who discovered the difference between “clutch” and “crunch” was a “l”, a “t”, an “n” and a “r”
To have such an accident, after travelling so far.
But praise God Wes is still here with us, although a little worse for ware;
And how strong has been the love and respect to show how much we care.
So go forth men and women of Squad, witnesses of the Word!
Go out to the roads and highways and spread what you have heard;
Journey home now renewed, yet challenged to BE the vision –
A humble servant in the Lord’s commission.
Till we meet again in 12 month’s time in Canberra, that southern clime’,
May our loving Lord continue to bless you at all times;
And in that special race, Paul tells us that Jesus has already won
For behold, how good it is when brothers and sisters in Squad live as one.
Dave Stapleton
​​​​​​​​Sunday, 31 October 2010.

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