Thursday, May 31, 2012

Thank You From GSCMC South Wales

GSCMC South Wales Member Baz's funeral took place on Tues 29 May, in Swansea, supported by a large number of clubs and individual  bikers from the South Wales area and significantly further.

What can we say - on behalf of us all in God's Squad and Baz's family, our deepest gratitude to so many brothers and sisters who shared the road with us for Baz's funeral. Over the years we have we have stood alongside our mates in other clubs as you have grieved so many times; this time, thank you for standing with us, for riding with us. Huge thanks to all who mucked in both on the day of the funeral and in the days leading up to it in so many practical ways - we are truly humbled. For Baz's family, the road looks like a hard one ahead at the moment - but together we continue to make a difference for those we love and for those we share the road with and those we pick up along the way - that's the way Baz lived, if you knew him, that's why you knew him and that's why he wore our patch - don't let that fire go out folks. Deepest love and respect on behalf of us all. Cheers and God bless.

God's Squad Christian Motorcycle Club, South Wales

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