Sunday, May 5, 2013


‘Where you stand determines what you see’.

I became very aware of this fact 21 years ago when I found myself staring down the barrel of a shotgun held by a drunk biker 50m away; at a weekend run. Almost instantly I felt a pellet lodge in my ear and blood began to pour down my face; I began to wonder what was going on! I soon found out this was an accident and a few days later I was ‘baptised’ into local biker folklore with the new name of ‘Buckshot’, profuse apologies and a good story.

This incident and many others have helped me to understand what it means for ‘Jesus to be a friend of outcasts and sinners’. Where we stand does determine what we see – we live in a world that demonises those who aren’t acceptable to the ‘powers that be’. I have come to see that, from numerous interactions with people over the years and general observations of life - including many roadside encounters with the protectors of the status quo. Not everybody sees what we ‘see’.

All people love and are loved by someone; we all have value and a place to stand in the world. But those in power often see things differently from the people in the street, struggling to make a go of the life we have in front of us. They have a way of making it difficult for us to actually be good, just by changing the rules!

Jesus understands this having lived among us. His call and my membership in Squad over many years now have let me see things in a new way. The road may not be easy, I did get shot and have had a few other nasties along the way. There is always hope though, from the solidarity we share together and the God who befriends and lives among those the system demonises.

Be strong and courageous as we strive to live in peace together, come what may.

Buckshot - President
God’s Squad CMC, Wellington NZ


Micro said...

Buckshot asked this comment to be added...

Where you stand part 2: Timing is everything, and so it was no surprise to see a photo taken in Nov 2010 put on the blog today. I am standing outside the Waihopai Spy Base, a US spy installation in NZ. We had detoured 40km on a Squad run to offer prayers for peace and an end to the war on terror outside the base. Waihopai collects electronic info that is passed to the CIA and NSA and used to kill people in Iraq and Afghanistan, plus other bad things. In 2008 three close friends entered this base and deflated with a sickle the plastic radome cover over the satellite dish as a 'ploughshares action'. They were acquitted by a jury of our peers of all criminal charges. After this acquittal our government wanted to change the law and has now sued Sam, Fr Peter and Adi and want $1.2million from them. But they are not guilty, and also have no money. This very week they are back in court appealing the suit against them, right now a number of us are fasting and sharing in a vigil in central Wellington in preparation for court on Wed and Thursday. At some point many of us are planning to enact Jesus' teaching on how to deal with a rich man who wants to sue the pants off of you, see (Matthew chapter 5 verse 40) and literally give our government the shirt and coat from our backs, and maybe our pants as well! More info at , come and join the struggle for peace and justice. Where you stand certainly does determine what you see.

Ado said...

Great post. Love that part 2 especially. Feel inspired to get involved in this kind of thing. Whether I have the necessary cojones is another thing...L+R