Monday, December 2, 2013

Fight Injustice!

 John Smith//

There were protests at Parliaments throughout Oz on Sunday morning speaking out against Draconian new laws being sold on a 'tough on crime - anti biker' ticket (although it is important to note that the legislation can be used against any group of three or more). John Smith - International Pres of God's Squad and Father Bob McGuire among others took the platform in Melbourne... 

FYI - The fundamental principle underlying our legal system for the last 200 years has been that people should be imprisoned for their conduct or behaviour, not for what they might do, or because of the people with whom they associate. And yet we now have legislation in Queensland (that is being touted for the rest of OZ) that makes it illegal to be a member of certain organisations, or to be associated with members of that organisation. And if you are a member of an organisation, and are charged with a crime, you are presumed guilty, will be imprisoned without bail and the onus is on you to prove your innocence. -

Fight the Power - Fight Injustice!!

A typical sight on rides - Inspection blockades set up outside clubhouses for 'Random' checks.

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