Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Glen on a Monday night

Rocked over to Melbourne Associates Glen's last night to photograph his chopper in progress.
With Black Hawk helicopters doing circuits overhead in between the quiet of the city edge we snapped off a few pics, ate apple pie and chilled - hence dressing gown!

Glen loves building. He has helped out with a ton of bikes for the Melbourne Chapter and is always ready to do some wrenching for anyone who swings by.

His shovel came clapped out with a blown gear box.
Now - 93", big lifter cam, hi compression pistons, 50mm SU will power this baby roadside.
Hope to see it on the road in the next few months!

Glen's bike 'roughed' together

10 $ on ebay and 2 days of work later - one custom calliper

Carl's means 'Go Fast'


The workshop inside. Shovel parked beside daily and Lincoln.

The workshop outside

(Couldn't help it!! - my ride!)

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