Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Howie 'Calendar Boy' 1997

This photo was used in out 1997 calendar. I don't know why he ever gave up the shovel


Howie GSCMCUK said...

Howie got rid of the shovel for several reasons:

1. Moving to manchester where they don't repair the roads that often meant constant back ache fromt he rigid

2. I left my kidneys and liver somewhere between Dublin and Waterford on a run to Ireland, no suspension really is a killer over long distances

3. The motor was tuned but with 24" apes and 6" overs you really couldn#t use all the power

4. Agh heck, I do miss that shovel, it sounded great and really was the full ticket, perhaps I should sell my twin cam


Liz said...

Howie actually rode that?!