Sunday, March 1, 2009


Considering the thump on the head I took I can remember a particularly damp February evening very well. As an eighteen year old and riding what was and still is the only brand new bike I have ever owned I was about to experience 'that moment' all motorcycle riders experience at some point - the "sorry mate I didn't see you" scenario. To be honest I could have had lighthouse lamp bolted to my head and it would not have made any difference whatsoever, because this particular motorist simply wasn't looking where they were going and proceeded straight through a junction and hit me head on.

Having realized the impending impact I managed to adjust my line a little to try and lessen the impact, but at the end of the day that haunting crunching noise of metal against metal and then the eery rushing of silence as I flew through the air was inevitable - taking the car windscreen out with my legs before bouncing over the roof and thwack; that almighty bang on the head as I hit the tarmac and it's lights out for a short period and coming around to a blur of faces and realization that bits of you were hurting and you're too afraid to look too closely at the mess.

That February evening some 25 years ago could have been a great excuse to have given up on any two wheeled ambitions. But such was my enthusiasm, as soon as I was fit and was able to replace the bike, I took to the road once more, a little wiser naturally. If I had decided to give up on bikes at that point I know I would have lost out. In the subsequent 25 years I've ridden in the region of 300,000 miles in numerous countries and had the honor and privilege of sharing the road and enjoying genuine brotherhood and friendship with some of the best people walking this planet, not least of all whilst wearing my colours of God's Squad for the past fourteen years.

In much the same way as many of us don't let these minor mishaps along the way ruin our dreams and way of life I hope the same can also apply in other areas of our life. In the course of life on the road, I have met many people who whilst they admire our stance as a club have to admit that previous experiences of church or it's representatives or other issues have meant the God question gets shelved. Amid the images, archives and comment, at the heart of this blog is a desire to encourage our mates not to give up the search on the 'God question'. One accident, one arrest, one beating doesn't prevent us pursuing the lifestyle we choose; don't let one bad experience in the search of faith in God put you off either. Never give up looking, the search id worth it, warts and all.
Cheers and God be with you and those you love.

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Liz said...

I remember the bike crash I was in (passenger). Seeing the car turning in front of us and thinking, 'we'll miss it.' Then 'no, we're not going to miss it,' then flying through the air into the middle of a Croydon road. All in a matter of seconds.