Sunday, March 8, 2009

Marshalls Message

The recent bush fires have been a major distraction from all our everyday lives. The media have done their job well in keeping us informed and updated on the latest images of the carnage and all of the relevant statistics pertaining to the loss of lives and properties within the affected communities. We have also heard the stories of courage, sacrifice and generosity. We have watched as a nation once again found its national spirit and responded with one heart and one mind in trying to meet the needs of those who have “lost the lot”. The “Aussie” spirit has won through and we can be proud of how we have responded to the crises and our achievements in it.
Realistically we know that it will take years for everything to be returned to normal for many of the survivors. The rebuilding of the homes and townships is the easy part; however the emotional and psychological trauma caused by these devastating fires may well take years for some to get over and for those who lost loved ones, they may never completely recover.
We the church have a very real role in helping in the recovery of our fellow Aussie’s in the midst of the rebuilding of their devastated lives. Wherever there is human pain and brokenness Christ is in the midst of it, seeking to bring comfort and healing to the broken hearted. Our role is as all are doing and helping out with practical support wherever we can, and beyond that we are to pray and draw on our faith in God for love, strength, and wisdom We have all witnessed the very best in human nature as fellow Australian’s have banded together to support one another, their actions could be called godly, all that is good within the human being responding to the suffering of others in need, God in us. If Christ were here now how might he have acted in the midst of this National Disaster? I think very little differently than the way we have all acted towards it ourselves. The role of the Church is to help others see the one in whose image and likeness we are all created, we are God’s media and not only are we to celebrate with the rest of Aussie the overcoming of adversity through a great united spirit, but our responsibility is to help others to unite with the Creators Spirit and understand the living word and the good news within.


Marshall, GSCMC, Melbourne

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